Cheapest Eighth in Springfield, MA

Been on a search for cheap eighths in Massachusetts? Be sure to plan a visit to Zaza Green Cannabis in Springfield for some of the best MA eighth deals around....


The Best 4/20 Deals in Springfield, MA!

Cannabis lovers, get ready: 420 is just around the corner! At Zaza Green, our team is just as excited to celebrate as you, and we can’t wait to help you...


Springfield MA Dispensary Open Late

Do you find yourself looking for cannabis later in the afternoon or the evening? Are you ever frustrated because you can’t find a dispensary open late? Good news! Zaza Green...


Zaza Green in the Community – Giving Back to Springfield, MA

When we first made plans to open a cannabis dispensary in Springfield, MA, we knew we wanted to do things differently at Zaza Green. While we set out to provide...

Springfield cannabis dispensary Zaza Green

Cannabis 101

Find the Right Cannabis Product for You

While cannabis is slowly becoming legal to some degree in almost every state, by all rights, many people have no experience at all when it comes to shopping for cannabis...

The Best Cannabis Strains for Pain in Massachusetts

Cannabis 101

The Best Cannabis Strains for Pain in Massachusetts

Even before scientists were allowed to research the effect of cannabis for pain, many cannabis enthusiasts were swearing by the good green to help with physical discomfort. Today, we know...

The Best Edibles for Sleep in Massachusetts

Cannabis 101

The Best Edibles for Sleep in Massachusetts

Have a hard time getting enough sleep? You’re not alone in your lack of sleep woes. About a third of adults don’t get the recommended amount of sleep or deal...



We Will Be Open on Christmas and New Years!

Since most cannabis dispensaries will be closed during the holidays, where can you find your favorite cannabis flower and products if you miss your window to shop? Or, what if...

Cookies Cannabis


The Top Cookies Strains in Massachusetts

Cookies is a globally popular California-based cannabis brand. The owners launched their top 10 Cookies strains in MA after partnering with CommCan, a renowned Massachusetts marijuana distributor. The best Cookies...


Zaza Green Featured in MassLive

Zaza Green was recently highlighted on MassLive’s website! Check out the article here! Shop Zaza Green

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