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253 Farmacy

253 Farmacy is a top-tier cannabis company serving the Massachusetts market with high-quality cannabis flower, edibles, vapes, concentrates, extracts, and more. This locally-owned cannabis producer and dispensary has been serving Bay State tokers since 2019, with a philosophy that’s equal parts “farm” and “pharmacy.”

253 Farmacy

253 Farmacy

Product Line

There’s a lot on the menu at 253 Farmacy, starting with the company’s cannabis flower. It’s available in a variety of distinctive strains, like Banana Cooler, Mango Mintality, and Gypsy Soap. With a full selection of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains and many different potencies, there’s something for every smoker (including those who prefer pre-rolls.) Meanwhile, those who prefer to eat their cannabis instead will find a vast mix of delicious, diverse edibles. These include not only familiar items like chocolates and gummies but also beverages, chews, hard candies, and discreet capsules and tablets. Speaking of discreetness, 253 Farmacy also offers a selection of vape products like all-in-one disposable vaporizers or vape cartridges, in addition to many potent concentrates from dry sift kief and bubble hash to batter, wax, shatter, and more. No matter which you choose, they’re all carefully processed to preserve the best parts of the plant (including cannabinoids and terpenes), along with strain-specific features and flavors in many cases.

253 Farmacy Review

If you have any doubt about the quality of these products, check the 253 Farmacy reviews. The company has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Leafly, with reviewers praising the “incredible quality flower” and calling their variety of products “nothing short of astounding.” Meanwhile, Reddit users also have very positive things to say, with some calling 253 “one of the best in the state” with many others noting they’d enjoyed everything they’d tried from the brand. Google also has a 4.9 rating for the company, with more than 600 reviews.

Where to Buy 253 Farmacy Products in Massachusetts

Come See Us!

253 Farmacy products are most commonly available at the company’s flagship dispensary on Millers Falls Road in Turners Falls, MA. However, those who don’t want to make the trip to the location (approximately an hour north of Springfield) can pick up the same excellent 253 Farmacy products at a variety of dispensary partners. These are located throughout the Commonwealth, meaning you likely won’t have to go far to grab these incredible finds.

Buy 253 Farmacy at Zaza Green

Don’t go just anywhere to pick up your 253 Farmacy products. Head to Zaza Green in Springfield, MA. 253 Farmacy is a premium partner of Zaza Green, meaning you’ll always find plenty of their best products on the shelves. In addition, Zaza Green offers a complete selection of other cannabis brands and products at affordable prices, served up by our skilled, friendly budtenders. Stop in today to take home some 253 Farmacy cannabis and other products and learn why Zaza Green is becoming a top local dispensary.

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