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Green Gold Group

Green Gold Group is a popular, growing Massachusetts cannabis producer, promising “stringently tested, naturally grown” cannabis and cannabis products. They’ve been growing since 2015, allowing them years to develop their cutting-edge techniques and refine the quality of their grows. This community-oriented company is working to create an “equitable and representative” Massachusetts cannabis industry and helps out those with financial hardships with its compassionate care program.

Green Gold Group

Green Gold Group

Product Line

Green Gold Group produces a diverse mix of cannabis products, including:

Flower: Green Gold specializes in high-quality flower grown using hydroponic methods in a state-of-the-art facility. They produce a variety of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains covering a wide range of potencies and terpene/cannabinoid mixes.

Pre-rolls: Save yourself the trouble and let the professionals at Green Gold take care of rolling up their finely cured cannabis. These one-gram joints are perfect for group sessions or those with higher tolerances. For an extra boost, try Green Gold’s 0.8-gram concentrate-infused pre-rolls.

Edibles: Green Gold also processes its cannabis into edibles that are as effective as they are delicious. The Munchèas fruit gems are infused with 5 milligrams of cannabis oil each and are available in flavors like raspberry, green apple, pink lemonade, or peach. There are also specialized varieties like Munchèas Energize, which blends cannabis oil with caffeine, green tea extract, and B12.

Concentrates: Those looking for extra-potent options from Green Gold should grab some concentrates, like live resin, crumble, and wax. Green Gold even produces a “Dablicator” device to help conveniently add THC oil to joints, bowls, and other smoking methods.

Vaporizers: Discreet and convenient, Green Gold makes a variety of vape products, from traditional oil cartridges to live resin/rosin to all-in-one disposable options. Each has a unique flavor and high, but all provide the uplift vape users are looking for.

So, no matter what cannabis products you’re looking for, chances are Green Gold Group has you covered.

Green Gold Group Review

The reviews for Green Gold cannabis tell any potential buyers what they need to know – people are big fans! On Reddit, tokers praised the weed’s enjoyable effects, careful curing, and attractive, high-end packaging. Meanwhile, others praised the wide selection of products and consistency of the brand.

Where to Buy Green Gold Group Products in Massachusetts

Come See Us!

Green Gold cannabis is available at a variety of places around the Bay State. For one, the company operates its own dispensary in Charlton, MA. But Green Gold also provides its products to a variety of independent dispensaries around Massachusetts. These half-dozen or more locations are spread throughout the Commonwealth, including the Boston area and several medium-sized towns.

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While cannabis buyers have plenty of choices for picking up Green Gold, the best option remains Zaza Green in Springfield, MA. In addition to a wide variety of Green Gold Group and other top cannabis products, shoppers can count on excellent pricing and easy parking. Stop in today to grab a snack and chat with our experienced budtenders, who’ll ensure you go home satisfied with the best of Green Gold and the other top brands.

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