Image of TSC | Simpler Daze | Citrus Dreams | Styxx Infused Pre-Roll H

Simpler Daze

TSC | Simpler Daze | Citrus Dreams | Styxx Infused Pre-Roll H

Hybrid THC: 28.25% TAC: 39.63%

Citrus Dreams, aka Citrus Daydream, is a hybrid cannabis strain made by crossing Lemon Bean and Firewalker OG. Buds are a bright, zesty green with ample orange hairs and light yellow trichomes. The effects of Citrus Dream are believed to be uplifting, focusing, and creative. Citrus Dream will make you feel focused and energized. Medical marijuana patients often choose Citrus Daydream when dealing with symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, Bipolar disorder, and Stress. The dominant terpenes are limonene, myrcene, and linalool, which make for a rich nose of cinnamon, earth, citrus and lavender notes with a taste to match. – Introducing Glorious Cannabis’ new sister brand – Simpler Daze Sesh Weed! It’s regular weed made for sharing with chill people.


  • Energetic
  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Relaxed

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