Image of Platinum Gorilla
Image of Platinum Gorilla
image of Platinum Gorilla
image of Platinum Gorilla

Green Gold Group

Platinum Gorilla

Indica hybrid THC: 22.96% TAC: 24.58%

-GG#4 X Platinum Kush

-Indica-Leaning Hybrid

Platinum Gorilla has a sweet, earthy and fruity taste. This strain has aromas of spicy kush, fruity chemicals and earthiness. The flavor is of sweet, yet spicy grapes and anise accented by earthy kush and a touch of creamy butter. The high begins with a boost in mental energy that helps to lift the spirits and fill your mind with a happy sense of sociability, which will be replaced with stoney sedation. A stimulating body high accompanies this happy boost, filling your body with a deep arousal and sense of relaxation.

Users report this strain is good for relieving chronic pain, anxiety and stimulating appetite.


  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy

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