Image of NEA | Truffle Marmalade | Pre Roll

Northeast Alternatives

NEA | Truffle Marmalade | Pre Roll

Hybrid THC: 28.76%

Part of our “2023 Truffle Hunt” Pheno Project, Truffle Marmalade is as dank as they come. This hybrid cross of Orange Flambe F2 x White Truffle has super dense nugs with a blanket of frosty trichomes, bright orange pistils and dark purples throughout. Though this cultivar is known for its exotic tangie terpene profile, this pheno has heavy fuel undertones and a flavor that is straight sweet citrus and cream, much like an orange creamsicle with a hint of earth. Consumers report Truffle Marmalade as having a relaxed even high that is good for any time of day.


  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Energetic

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