Image of Nature’s Heritage | Dosi Woah | Pre Roll IH

Nature's Heritage

Nature’s Heritage | Dosi Woah | Pre Roll IH

Indica hybrid THC: 26.11% TAC: 26.84%

Bred to create a high-yielding Do-Si-Dos cultivar, Dosi-Woah! R1 crosses Do-Si-Dos with Ethos Genetics’ Kush RBx4. Most phenotypes lean toward Kush genetics with green buds and high yields, but some take from their GSC side with dense buds and flowers that vary in color. This strain puts out an impressive gas, earth, and pine terpene profile, and regardless of the phenotype, Dosi-Woah! is potent, tasty, and a pleasure to grow.

Those who’ve tried it say it brings on an unfocused daydream-y haze and a relaxing tingle throughout the body.


  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Energetic

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