Image of Nature’s Heritage | Dosi Woah | Flower (IH)

Nature's Heritage

Nature’s Heritage | Dosi Woah | Flower (IH)

Indica hybrid THC: 32.57%

Nature’s Heritage is a quality line of flower under the ARL banner. Their curated selection includes strains sourced from around the world, along with unique, original strains. Nature’s Heritage grows their plants with great care, using time-tested natural growing techniques. In addition to flower, Nature’s Heritage also creates pre-rolls and concentrates.

Dosi Woah! often tests at THC levels of 30% or more. Those who’ve tried it say it brings on an unfocused daydream-y haze and a relaxing tingle throughout the body.

Top Terpenes

  • BetaCaryophyllene


    Pepper, Cinnamon

  • BetaMyrcene



  • Limonene



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