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Good Chemistry Nurseries

Good Chemistry | Trail Mix | Flower

Sativa THC: 29.08%

Trail mix is a cross of the breathtaking Peanut Butter Breath and our very own 5280 Gravy. When creating Trail Mix, the breeders at Good Chemistry Nurseries identified specific traits from PBB and 5280 that they wanted to bring together to create this new strain. “The Peanut Butter Breath is super sexy in appearance and 5280 Gravy, being one of our babies, has a unique savory citrus smell. Both strains are very relaxing and ultimately in this cross we were trying to keep a similar appearance to PBB while adding some purple hues and the strong aroma from 5280 and I think we achieved that!


  • Happy
  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Focused
  • Inspired

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