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Good Chemistry Nurseries

Good Chemistry | Grape Glacier | Pre Roll S

Sativa THC: 24.01% TAC: 28.32%

Introducing Grape Glacier, our newest GC Unique, which is an uplifting and relaxing Sativa that was bred by crossing our own 5280 Gravy with Tropicana Cookies. These frosty buds have beautiful purple and dark green hues with rust-orange pistils. The buds have a medium density and are sticky to the touch. The nose of Grape Glacier has a delightful combination of sweet fruit and earthy notes similar to a fine wine and will tantalize your senses. The flavor is earthy and sweet, with a hint of sweet grapes. Upon consumption, this strain typically gives you a balanced high that provides a burst of energy followed by calming relaxation


  • Happy
  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Focused
  • Inspired

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