Image of Garden Remedies | Pop Tartz | Pre Roll

Garden Remedies

Garden Remedies | Pop Tartz | Pre Roll

Hybrid THC: 22.09%

Wake and bake with Pop Tartz to jumpstart your morning just like a delicious breakfast! This strain comes from Lemon Cake and SOGABX2 plants by way of Seattle Chronic Seeds, which gives it its delicious dessert-like flavors. Pop Tartz is a sweet strain, tasting of nuts, cherries, and lemons. A Pop Tartz pre-roll is good any time of day, but we recommend enjoying it in the morning or afternoon due to its wild blast of energy!

Paper Crane is a family-owned social equity business that cultivates the state’s finest sungrown cannabis. Harnessing the great powers of nature and the knowledge that comes with decades of legacy cannabis experience, Paper Crane grows terpene-rich organic flower that is deeply rooted in both sustainability and social justice. Stay loyal to the soil with Paper Crane!


  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Energetic

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