Image of Butt Bucket Ashtray

Butt Bucket Ashtray

Designed to fit cup holders in your car, golf cart, RV, or boat and is slotted to hold up to three cigarettes at a time.

The specially designed lid traps smoke and eliminates stale odors while keeping ashes contained and out of sight. When you need to extinguish your cigarette, just drop it in.

Dimensions: 4.39″ Tall x 2.74″ Diameter

This ashtray is made from heavy duty plastic and the lid comes off easy for emptying and cleaning.

Glow in the Dark Rim- So you don’t miss the ashtray.

Decorative ashtray for home, work or car. Fits most auto cup holder.

Brand: AllTopBargains

• Set of 2 butt bucket ashtrays

• Measures: 4.39″ Tall x 2.74″ Diameter

• Puts out cigarette in seconds

• Holds several cigarette butts

• Keeps butts out of sight

• Helps remove odor

• Fits in most cup holders

• Portable works well at the beach or while camping

• Made of high impact plastic for durability

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